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When a lady sees blood (not monthly period) due to taking medication for avoiding the pregnancy.Does she need to make wudo for every single prayer or to take a shower?

Answer :


The first thing is to ascertain that it is not the blood of menstruation.
After correctly determining beyond doubt that the blood is indeed istihaada and not menstruation then one should do the following;
One should place something inside the private part during istihaada to stop blood from coming out. For this purpose, one can use tissue paper, cotton wool, tampon, diaphragm etc. The wudu will not break as long as the blood does not leak or reach the edge of the vaginal opening. Note that any coloured discharge coming down the string of a tampon is considered leakage, and it breaks the wudu.

If the wudu cannot be maintained in this manner then you may qualify as a ma’zoor (excused person) then special rules will apply which will allow you to perform salaat inspite of the bleeding.
In this case one must make a new wudu at the time of every fardh salaat to perform each compulsory prayer. Although the bleeding will not be considered as breaking the wudu but all other factors that break the wudu in normal circumstances will apply here also.
You will qualify as a ma’zoor when the following condition is met: A complete time of salaat elapses in such a way that the bleeding does not stop for long enough for you to be able to perform the salaat in complete purity.
Once you are classified as a ma’zoor, you will continue to be classified as a ma’zoor as long as you bleed at least once during every salaat time. If an entire time passes in which you do not bleed, you will not remain a ma’zoor.

Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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