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In light of the current situation, and the increase of the amount of people allowed in a social gathering to 10, does this suffice for Jummah. If not does this mean that Shafi man will pray thuhr instead of Jummah until conditions change, or can he join hanafi men praying Jummah.


1.2.4. Four persons—i.e. an imām and three followers—will suffice for a valid performance of Jumuʿah, in line with the position espoused by the Shāfiʿi jurists al-Muzanī, Ibn al-Mundhir and al-Suyūṭī.
(The above is an extract of Mufti Taha’s fatwa regarding jumuah during corona virus lockdown).Mufti Shabir: It should be noted that the above represents the shāf’ī school only.

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