Covid19 and Salat in Congregation

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Can we pray friday prayer in Jamaat at home during current times? Me my father in law( who would be Imam) and my mother in law will be praying.
Also,In light of the current situation, and the increase of the amount of people allowed in a social gathering to 10, does this suffice for Eid Salah in our back yards.
Please explain considering the challenges we are facing due to this COVID-19.




It should be noted that the same conditions required for Jumah salaat to be valid are also the same conditions for Eid prayer.
Although 10 people are more than enough for the Eid and Jumah salaats to be valid (minimum of four males), there is however one other condition that must be observed for the Eid salaat and Jumah salaat to be established and that is the condition of الإذن العا م (general permission).
Idhnul aam means that there should be no restriction placed on anyone who would like to attend. If any person who wanted to attend and was prohibited from doing so then this condition of idhnul aam is not fulfilled.
In light of the current lockdown, Muslims residing in non-Muslim countries may perform Jumu’a in places like a compound or hall, where people are not refused from attending. If this is not possible or the law does not allow it, then they should perform Zuhr at home in congregation.
On this basis it is recommended that Jumah should not be observed and Zuhur prayers should be offered in it’s place preferably in congregation or if not possible then individually.
We pray to Allah that these restrictions will be removed soon and Muslims will be able to once again establish our congregational worship of Eid and Jumah prayers.
As for the Eid prayers the current restrictions mean that the obligation has been lifted and Eid prayer will not be performed under current circumstances.
Please note that there is no replacement for Eid prayers unlike Jumah prayer which is replaced by Zuhur although one may offer two or four rakaats of nafl prayer at home without the extra takbeers of Eid prayer.
Lastly we should not impose this view on others who may be observing Jumah prayers in small congregations in houses etc as they are following valid opinions of other scholars.
Answered by Mohammed Shakeeb in consultation with Mufti Nu’man Burmi (graduate of Darul Uloom Karachi).

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