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 Question for sheikhs:

Currently with COVID 19, Australian government has allowed particular individuals to take out up to $10000 from their superannuation early.

Is one then allowed to use this money to save up for Hajj? Will hajj then be accepted using this money as we are unsure where our money from this Super Fund has been invested?

Jazakallahu Khair


Yes you may use the superannuation money for hajj if the super fund invested the money and the primary source of the income gained from those investments were from permissible business ventures and only some of the dividends accrued were from non shariah compliant earnings like interest etc and NOT the majority of it then it would be permissible for you to use that money.
However if it was a self managed super fund and you chose to invest in a non shariah compliant investment then only the amount you invested would be permissible and not the profit/gains earned.

Allah knows best.

Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb.

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