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I have friends who regularly eat out at restaurants which doesn’t have halal certification or is Muslim owned such as Nandos or KFC. However, they say the meat is halal and that the chefs cook the meat on a separate grill. I have talked to many sheikhs about this issue and have been to khutbahs and lectures on why this is not permissible. However, every time I bring it up to my friends, they don’t seem to take my advice.

I was wondering if you can answer the question on why it’s not allowed so I can pass on the message.

JazakAllah khair



If the meat is halal and is cooked on a separate grill then it will be permissible to eat.
Having said that there should be a Muslim supervisor working on the premises to ensure that there is no cross contamination. In the absence of a Muslim supervisor/worker there can be no guarantee that the other grill will not be used for non halal especially when the restaurant becomes busy.

It is recommended that one should exercise caution and not rely only on halal certification bodies as halal certification in many cases is not credible and may be influenced by financial interests.

Answered by Mohammed Shakeeb.

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