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Assalam Alaikum Brother,
I have a question, I would appreciate if it gets clarified.
On Ramadan calendar, there is a column called imsak or amsak which is ten minutes lesser than the fajr time, shall we stop eating/drinking at imsak time or continue till Fajr time.
Please also clarified if that is specific to any madhab (hanafi, shaafi etc..),
as I lived in Pakistan whole of my childhood and teenage and i never seen this column on any of the calendar until I moved to Middle East and then to Australia.
Jazak Allah.


The imsak time displayed is just a safety period like a buffer zone so that one ensures that he/she does not eat or drink after the actual fajar time. Technically one is allowed to continue eating right up until fajar time.

One point to consider is that some calendars may vary and may also be inaccurate by a few minutes so the imsak time is a good safety measure.

Answered by Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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