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Assalam o alaikum.
My question.
What if husband and wife have intercourse during fast? What would be the kaffara and do they have to continue the fast until iftar ?

JazakAllah khair



Intercourse during the day in Ramadaan is haraam for men and women alike, who are obliged to fast during the day. Doing so is a sin for which sincere repentance should be made.
Furthermore expiation (kafaarah) must be offered along with making up that day’s fast . The kaffaarah is that the person must fast for two consecutive months (60 days); whoever is not able to do that must feed sixty poor people. If the wife was complicit she must also pay the kaffaarah.
The fast should be observed on consecutive days without missing a single day. This must be done in a time without any of the days of Eid & Tashriq (Shawwal 1, Dhul Hijja 10-13), since it is sinful to fast on any of those five days.
If one does not fast the 60 days consecutively, one would have to restart the 60 days.
Women in menstruation or post-natal bleeding are an exception to this ruling. She would abstain from fasting on the days of menstruation/lochia, and then resume immediately upon becoming pure. If she delayed the fast after becoming pure, she would have to restart the 60 days.

Answered by Mohammed Shakeeb

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