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Asalam Alykum, I was wondering if for example I don’t pray Isha after the Iqamah is given and I missed praying the sunnah between the athan and iqamah time frame. When I do pray isha lets say 30 minutes after it’s prescribed time am I still allowed to pray the sunnah before it then pray isha or I just pray Isha straight away because I didn’t pray the sunnah when it was meant to be prayed.


Wa alaykum salam.

Yes you can because the Isha time is still valid so therefore the sunnah prayer is valid.

The sunnah prayers whether they are قبلية (performed before the fardh) or بعدية ( performed after the fardh) are valid if done during the respective prayer times. It is not necessary to wait for the azan if the time of salat has commenced.
Likewise if one missed the congregation in the masjid they should still pray the sunnah at home.

والله أعلم

Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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