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Dear Sheikh. Usually itikaf for men is observed in the mosque . This year is unusual due to the Covid19 restrictions. Would it be possible for men to observe itikaf at home.


Itikaf for men is valid only in masjids.
Houses or even prayer rooms are not valid places of itikaf for men.
فقد اتفق الفقهاء على أنه لا يصح الاعتكاف إلا في المسجد لقوله تعال ى وأنتم
عاكفون في المساج د

However for women only, doing itikaf at home is valid according to the Hanafi school.
If someone (male) wants to devote their time for worship in their houses during Ramadhan due to the masaajid being closed then this is something virtuous but it cannot be considered as itikaf.

Answered by Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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