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Asalam Mualykum. I had a question regarding wiping face after finishing dua’a. Is it the correct to finish when one does his dua’a? What’s the Hanbali view? JazakaAllah khair



❝Wiping the face after Du’a, there are many narrations for it from the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salam) and there are other narrations from the Companions and their followers, may Allah be pleased with them.

The chains of these Ahadith are weak when we look at them individually as stated by ‘Abdullah b. Mubarak (r), that, there is no authentic Hadith reported on wiping the face after du’a, i.e – weak when we take each Hadith individually. As for all the Ahadith and the statements of the companions and their followers, when looked at collectively, it shows that wiping the face after Du’a has a basis.

This is why al-Hafidh Ibn Hajr (r) says in Fath al-Bari, that, looking at all that has been narrated under the action of wiping the face shows that this action has a basis.
Indeed, this action has a basis, no doubt. However, to say that if someone doesn’t wipe their face then their Du’a isn’t accepted then there is no such thing reported. But wiping the face is legislated and permissible* and it has been established from the Companions and their followers and the Imams that they would wipe their faces after making Du’a.
Likewise, wiping the face after the Du’a of Qunut inside the salah is legislated as per the famous opinion of the (Hanbali) Madhhab, which is a Riwayah on Imam Ahmad (r), and also outside the Salah.
So no doubt wiping the face has a lot of basis and supporting evidence as stated by al-Hafidh Ibn Hajar.❞
*Wiping the face after Du’a is Mustahabb in the Hanbali Madhhab.

وقال البهوتي من الحنابلة: “)ثُمَّ يَمْسَحُ وَجْهَهُ بِيَدَيهِ هُنَا( أي: عقب القنوت )وَخَارَجَ
الصَّلًَةِ( إِذَا دَعَ ا
ومما روي عن الصحابة رضي الله عنهم في مسح الوجه باليدين بعد رفعهما للدعاء ما
أخرجه البخاري في الأدب المفرد في باب “رفع الأيدي في الدعاء” من فعل ابن عمر
وابن الزبير في مسح الوجه باليدين بعد الدعاء فقال: ” حدَّثنا إبرَاهيمُ بن
المنذِر قال حدَّثنا محمَّدُ بن فُلَيح قال أخبرني أبِى عن أبى نُعَيم وهو وَهْب قال :
“رَأَيتُ ابنَ عُمَرَ وابنَ الزُّبَيرِ يَدْعُوانِ يُدِيرَانِ بِالرَّاحَتَينِ عَل ى الوَجْ هِ

Answered by Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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