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Asalamu alaikum,
i have a question to ask, it’s about whether a muslim man can marry a non muslim women ?

With hadith or verse from quran please.


And [lawful in marriage are] chaste women from among the believers and chaste women from among those who were given the Scripture before you, (Jews and Christians) when you have given them their due compensation, (dowry) desiring chastity, not unlawful sexual intercourse or taking [secret] lovers. (Al-Ma’idah, 5).

In this noble verse, Allah the Almighty allowed for Muslim men to marry women from the people of the Book and not the other way around.
Hence, it is impermissible for a non-Muslim man to marry a Muslim woman.

Although the Quran says that it is permissible for Muslim men to marry women from the people of the Book and we do not doubt that there is a clear text concerning that, nevertheless the four mazhabs have stated that this is to be done in Muslim countries only and not allowed in non Muslim countries. Some scholars said it is disliked (makruh) even in Muslim countries.
Those who married from the Ahl ul Kitab amongst the Sahabah (May Allah be pleased with them) did so in Muslim lands.
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) encouraged us to look for Muslim wives who are religiously committed. If a woman is a Muslim but is not religious and of bad character then the Muslim is not encouraged to marry her because amongst the purposes of marriage is preserving his household, his honour and his wealth and bringing up his children. How can a man who marries a non Muslim woman be certain that his sons and daughters will be raised according to Islam when he is leaving them in the hands of a mother who does not believe in Allah and associates others with Him?
Furthermore those who marry women from non Muslim countries marry them under their laws, which could be problematic as in their systems they do not recognise a Muslim’s religious rights over his wife and children and if there is a divorce or he dies she will take the children and raise them with the support of the laws of the land and with the help of their court and judicial system.
One of the conditions of marriage to a Christian or Jewish woman is that she must actually identify herself as a Christian or Jew which is not so common today as many in the West are actually atheists no longer adhering to any religion.
Another condition is that she should be chaste abstaining from adultery which is also no longer considered a virtue in the West.
For those Muslim men who have already married with Christian or Jewish wives the marriage will not be seen as invalid in Islam.

Allah knows best.

Answered by:
Mohammed Shakeeb

المذهب الحنفيّ: قد صرّحت كتب الحنفيّة بكراهة الزواج بالكتابية في دار الحرب، إلا أنّ بعضهم يفسّرون الكراهة بكراهة التحريم، وبعضهم يفسرونها بكراهة التنزيه، ورجّح ابن عابدين رحمه الله أنّ الكراهة هنا كراهة تحريمية، وليست كراهة تنزيه.

[“حاشية ردّ المحتار على الدرّ المختار ” (3/45)].

وصرّح الدكتور وهبة الزحيليّ في كتابه “الفقه الإسلامي وأدلّته” (7/145) أنّ الحنفيّة يحرّمون الزّواج بالحربية في دار الحرب.

3- المذهب المالكيّ: قال الدّردير رحمه الله في ” الشّرح الصّغير ” (2/420):

” وتأكد الكره – أي الكراهة – إن تزوّجها بدار الحرب، لأنّ لها قوّةً بها لم تكن بدار الإسلام، فربّما ربّت ولده على دينها، ولم تبال باطّلاع أبيه على ذلك “اهـ.

4- المذهب الشّافعيّ: قال النّووي رحمه الله في ” المنهاج ” (2/187):” وتحلّ كتابية، ولكن تكره حربية، وكذا ذمية على الصحيح “.

وقال في الحاشية:” لكن الحربية أشدّ كراهة منها “.

5- المذهب الحنبليّ: وبمثل ذلك قال ابن قدامة رحمه الله في ” المغني ” (9/292-293).

6- وقال ابن القيم رحمه الله في ” أحكام أهل الذمّة ” (2/420):

” وإنّما الّذي نصّ عليه أحمد رحمه الله، ما رواه ابنه عبد الله، قال: أكره أن يتزوّج الرّجل في دار الحرب، أو يتسرّى من أجل ولده.

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