Method of Witr Salaat (Shafi’i)

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Is it permissible to perform witr with 3 rakaats and one tasleem or 2 rakaats one
tasleem followed by one rakaat and one tasleem?


According to the shāfi‘ī school of thought, it is permissible to perform the witr
in a set of three with one salām . It is also permissible to perform the three
raka‘āt (units of prayer) in two sets: two raka‘ah followed by a salām and then
one raka‘ah with another salām. Whilst both forms are permissible, the latter
i.e. 2 raka‘ah with a salām followed by a single raka‘ah, is better.
The text of the Minhāj reads as follows:
وملن زاد علىر كعة الفصل وهو أفضل . والوصل بتشهد أو تشهدين يف األخي تي
And it is permissible for a person that performs more than one raka‘ah – of witr
– to perform it separately and that is more virtuous. And it is also permissible to
join – all of the raka‘āt – with one tashahhud or two tashahhuds in the last two

And Allah knows best.

Shaykh Muhammad Carr

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