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Can we as parents pay for our married childrens qurbani since their shop closed and they not getting a proper salary and we are paying some of their utilities?


May Allah Ta’ala ease the situation and open the doors of goodness , Rizq, barakah and Khair.

If the financial situation of the adult children is such that, on the morning of Eid al-adhā’ they possess more than 613.35g of Silver in cash, valuables, stock in trade or any other form of assets, and all their needs and necessities are fulfilled, only then will qurbāni will be wājib upon them. The parents may offer this on their behalf should they choose to do so.

However if the above criteria are not met, qurbāni will not be wājib upon the adult children. Though the parents can still opt to carry out qurbāni on their behalf, it should be only be done if there are no financial constraints.

And Allah Ta’ala knows best
Shabir Moosa


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