Reading from Quran whilst praying (Shafi’i)

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1. I would like to know if it is permissible to read from the Mushaf whilst
performing witr?

It is necessary to recite the Fātiḥah in every unit of prayer. The Fātiḥah may be
recited from:
1. Memory
2. By looking/reading from the muṣḥaf/Qur’ān
3. Or by dictation
The same applies to any other recitation in ṣalāh as well, irrespective whether it
is an obligatory prayer or supererogatory prayer. Thus, it would be permissible
for you to read from the muṣḥaf/Qur’ān whilst performing witr according the
school of thought.

And Allah knows best.
Muhammad Carr

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