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Assalamu alaykum
In Surah-Alaq, there is a sajdah in last ayah. Do we have to perform sajdah e tilawat and read another surah after sajdah e tilawat or just go into the ruku and do sajdah what we usually do in Salah? (Hanafi)
Jazakallah kher



Wa alaykum salam.
There are two ways you can do this.
The first method is once you recite a verse of prostration during the prayer, you should say the takbir and prostrate immediately, and then say the takbir and rise back up to the standing (qiyam) position. Thereafter, it is proper to recite some verses, either by completing the chapter, such as in Surah al-Inshiqaq, or by reciting the three verses of the next chapter, as is the case in Surah al-`Alaq.
When the verse of prostration is at the end of the surah, the ruku’ will suffice in the place of sajdah if:
1 – one intends to fulfill the prostration through the ruku’ and
2- it is done immediately, namely: the ayah of prostration is not separated from the ruku’ by reciting three* or more verses afterwards.
If one did not make an intention to fulfill the prostration during the ruku’, the prostration of the prayer suffices to fulfill it even without intention given that three or more verses were not recited after the verse of prostration.
If three or more verses were recited, then one may only fulfill it by making a separate prostration for the recitation.
*For a surah like Surah Inshiqaq, where there are only three verses left to the end, if one completes the surah and then does ruku’ for the recitation, this is valid as it is still considered as having done ruku’ immediately after the recitation, since he is simply completing the surah. (Ibn Abideen, Hashiyah)
Answered by Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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