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How does one perform sujud shukur in the Shafi’ee school?


The sajdah shukr (prostration of thanks) is performed similar to the sajdah tilawah (prostration for Quraan recital) when done outside of prayer.
There are four integrals that must be observed.
1. The intention
2. The opening takbeer
3. The prostration
4. The salaam

The conditions for its validity are the same as the conditions for the validity of a non-obligatory prayer which include facing the qiblah, covering one’s ‘nakedness’ ( عور ة ), being in a state of ritual purity (طهر ); etc.

The opening takbeer is performed in a sitting or standing position. There is no recommendation nor additional virtue to stand for the sole purpose of making the prostration of thanks.
Prepared by Abdur Raheem Halim
Checked and approved by
Shaykh Abdul Haleem Felimban

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