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Assalam Alaykum Sheikh,
After doing smoking via cigarette / shisha / cigar and then wash mouth and do wadhu.
Is it permissible to offer namaz afterwards?

I had been told that even you do wadhu after doing smoking and smell remain in mount, your namaz will not be accepted.
Appreciate if you can confirm.


Wa alaykum salam.

Smoking tobacco in any form, although a bad habit, is not considered an intoxicant as it does not cause mind altering or drunkenness, so its legal ruling differs from that of alcohol and substance abuse drugs (which comes under the ruling of intoxicants).
Alcohol has been clearly prohibited in the Holy Qurān whereas smoking has not been clearly mentioned.

Before answering your question on whether salat is valid if the smell of smoke is present in one’s mouth it is important to know the ruling on smoking itself.

Some scholars considered it unlawful while others considered it disliked (makruh).
One should note that makruh is of two types:
1. Prohibitively disliked (makruh tahreemi) and,
2. Mildly disliked (makruh tanzeehi).

Some scholars like Sheikh Abd al-Ghani ibn Isma′il al-Nabulsi considered smoking permissible, his reasoning being that since it is neither intoxicating nor harmful to one’s health it falls under the principle of;
الأصل فى الأشياء الإباحة
The original ruling for all things is permissibility unless proven otherwise.

وان فرض أضراره للبعض لا يلزم منه تحريمه على كل أحد…

He says that even if it may be harmful for some, (it may not be harmful for others) so it is not necessarily impermissible for every one.
Sheikh Abdul Ghani gave this ruling at a time (about 350 years ago) when the harmful effects of smoking was not proven with certainty.
Today however, its harmful effects to one’s health have since been established. Therefore in light of the proven harm that smoking causes to ones health, it should be considered makruh tahreemi.

Now to answer your question,
yes before praying you should brush your teeth and remove the unpleasant odour before you stand in front of Allah whether you are praying alone or with others.
However if you neglected to clean your mouth and freshen your breath and performed salat in this manner this would be disliked but would not invalidate your salat.

Allah knows best.

Answered by:
Mohammed Shakeeb

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