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Do we have to recite fatiha after imam when performing Salat with jamat. Please answer for the one with imam reciting loud like Fajar and one with quite like zuhur.
If you can give me stance of both hanafi and Shafi madthab.


It is compulsory for the person following the imam in salah with jamaah to recite Surah Fatiha.
In the loud salahs (maghrib, isha and fajr) Surah Fatiha should be recited after the imam has completed his recitation of Surah Fatiha.

The follower will not recite surah fatihah or any other surah whether in loud prayers or inaudible prayers.
The recitation of the Imam suffices for the followers as mentioned in a narration below;
من كان له إمام فقراءة الإمام له قراء ة

The recitation of the Imam is sufficient for one who is following him.
Answered by Shaykh Amirul (Shafii) & Shaykh Mohammed Shakeeb (Hanafi)

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