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I have a first cousin (My Paternal uncles son), he is a Hafiz and doing imamat for taraweeh prayer for everyone in family.
Is it permissible for me as a female to pray behind him?


Yes it would be permissible for ladies to pray at the back providing there is no fear of one falling into fitnah.
Maulana Shaqeeb: *Some miscellaneous points on fasting in Ramadhan*
Fasting the month of Ramadan is obligatory upon every Muslim, male and female, who is sane and pubescent.
A male child becomes pubescent when he experiences a wet dream or ejaculation. A female child becomes pubescent when she experiences a wet dream or her first menstruation. If by the age of 15 lunar years neither male nor female has undergone these experiences, then they are considered legally pubescent and are obliged to fast.
Fasting the month of Ramadan is not obligatory upon a menstruating woman or a woman in the state of lochia (post-natal bleeding) because fasting is not permitted while they are in this state.
Likewise illness can excuse a person from fasting if one reasonably fears that the act of fasting would increase the sickness or slow the recovery process.

A woman who is pregnant or breastfeeding and reasonably fears that fasting will harm her or her baby is also excused from fasting. Reasonable fear is known by: 1) manifest signs, 2) a relevant past experience, or 3) the notification of an upright, Muslim doctor or health expert.

A traveler is also excused from fasting if he initiates on a journey of 77 km (the distance which allows shortening of prayers).
All of the above aforementioned individuals are obliged to make up their missed fasts once Ramadan has ended in a time that they are able

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