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I could see some people performing wudu by just apply wet hands on feet with socks. They say it’s ok not to wash foot as it’s bit hard to remove socks to perform wudu. Is there any exemptions to perform wudu like that while wearing socks? Shafi madhab.


Ordinary cotton socks would not suffice for wiping in the place of washing one’s feet in wudhu in the Shafi’ee school. From among the conditions required, Imaam Ahmad ibn Naqeeb says in his ‘Umdatus Saalik’ عمدة السا لك) )
مانعا لنفوذ الماء ويمكن متابعة المشي عليهما لتردد مسافر لحاجاته اه
“That they prevent water (N: if dripped on them drop by drop from directly) reaching the foot; and that they be durable enough to keep walking around upon as travellers do in attending to their needs (O: when encamping, departing, etc.)”
(translator’s abbreviation of Shaykh Nuh Keller’s, “Reliance of the Traveller”)
والله اعل م

Answered by Sahykh Mohammed Shakeeb

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