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1)what is the nisab for savings in bank? what the minimum value hold for the year?
2)I have intended to perform Hajj this year and had deposited money for my package.? if Hajj is not possible this year, do I need to pay/slaughter as dam or kafarah.
JazakAllah Khair.



وعليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته


1. The silver nisāb amount at today’s price ( 15/05/20) is A$459.64.

2. Nisāb is the floor amount one needs to posses in order to be a candidate to pay Zakāh. Once a lunar year passes:
– one posses the nisāb amount – – ones liabilities are less then ones assets , Zakāh is mandatory on such an individual.

Fluctuations – both above and beneath – the nisāb amount does not have any implication, as long the nisāb amount is in possession at the lunar year end.

2. There is no damm or kaffārah due for delaying the Haj. One will remake the intention to make haj and continue making du’ā for acceptance. May Allah Ta’ala accept your intention and grant a Haj Mabroor in the near future.

And Allah Ta’ala
Shaykh Shabir Moosa

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